14:30 to 15:00Opening Ceremony
by Hatem Masri, Chair of INFORMS Bahrain International Group
Miguel Anjos, INFORMS Vice President, International Activities
15:00 to 15:50Plenary 1
Machine learning into metaheuristics: Review and taxonomy
by El-Ghazali Talbi, University of Lille, France
Chair: Hatem Masri, University of Bahrain
15:50 to 16:00Break
16:00 to 19:50Workshop 1: Python – Part 1
by Houda Alaya, University of Tunis, Tunisia
10:00 to 11:20Session A – Chair: Salah Ben Abdallah
Soccer Match Algorithm: A Novel Soccer-inspired Meta-heuristic Algorithm for Continuous Optimization
by Roua Ben Ammar
Stronger bounds for the personal rapid transit transportation system
by Safa Ben Salem
An integer linear programming model for the radiotherapy patient scheduling problem
by Sana Loukil
Gold and Bitcoin are Safe-haven? Evidence from developed and emerging market indices during the COVID19 bear market
by Belhadj Hana
10:20 to 11:30Break
11:30 to 13:30Session B – Chair: Fouad Ben Abdelaziz
Prioritizing supply chain resiliency strategies based on Supply Chain Operations Reference Model using a hybrid fuzzy DEA-AHP method
by Midun Karthi Kumaresan
Coalition Formation for Horizontal Supply Chain Collaboration: A Multiobjective Approach
by Mirna Abou Mjahed
Managing International Food Supply Chain: A Mathematics Model Approaches
by Samatthachai Yamsa-ard
Application of Optimal Stopping Theory to Pandemic Lockdown Policies
by Noura El Hassan
Effect of Pandemics on Supply Chain Decisions
by Maysaa Jaafar
Mathematical Study and Optimization of the Dimensions of a Mobile-Rack Automated Storage / Retrieval System
by Manal Belmamoune
13:30 to 15:00Lunch Break
15:00 to 15:50Plenary 2
Applied network design problems to support humanitarian operations
by Marie-Ève Rancourt, HEC Montréal, Canada
Chair: Sue Merchant, Action Manager of AFROS
15:50 to 16:00Break
16:00 to 19:50Workshop 2: : Python – Part 2
by Mourad Messaadia, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
10:00 to 10:50Plenary 3
Fractal Measures in Multisector Endogenous Growth Models
by Davide La Torre, SKEMA Business School, France
Chair: M’hammed Sahnoun, LINEACT/CESI, France
10:50 to 11:00Break
11:00 to 12:20Session C – Chair: Sawsan Hilal and Mohammad El-Hilo
Convolutional Dynamic Autoencoder: The Effectiveness of Deep Embedded Clustering Methods on Highly Semantic Image Datasets
by Zahra Shuaib
ANN Loss Minimization Methods: Applications on Medical Datasets
by Maha Alanezi
A Comparative Study of Naïve Bayes, Random Forest and Logistic Regression Methods in Loan Forecasting
by Sara Alshakrani
Mathematical Model for Dial a Ride Problem with Time Windows, case: hemodialysis patients’ transportation
by Oum Keltoum Ben Abdelkrim
12:20 to 12:30Break
12:30 to 13:00Closing Ceremony
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